WhatsApp Button Generator

Use this free tool to generate a custom WhatsApp button you can easily embed into your website

Suggestion: use your brand name or company name here

Suggestion: add an informative text here, like your business hours or how long you usually take to reply

This text will be displayed when the visitor on your site opens the chat widget


This is your WhatsApp phone number where messages should arrive. It should always be in international format

This text will tell the visitors where they should write their message

`Automatic` will select the scheme based on the visitor's browser configuration

Where in the screen the widget will be displayed

The badge will be displayed to influence the visitor to write you a message. Once the notification is displayed, it will remain hidden for 24 hours

Copy & Paste this code into your website's HTML to display the widget

    window._2chatConfig = {
    phoneNumber: '+1',
    accountName: `Welcome!`,
    statusMessage: `We typically reply within 1 hour`,
    chatMessage: `Hey there! πŸ‘‹
How can we help you?`,
    placeholder: 'Type your message...',
    position: 'right',
    colorScheme: 'automatic',
    showNotification: false,

  (function(d, s, id) {
    var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];
    if (d.getElementById(id)) return;
    js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id;
    js.src = 'https://widgets.2chat.io/index.js';
    fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);
  }(document, 'script', '_2chat'));

Below you can see how the WhatsApp Button would look on your website

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