All your chats in a single place

Integrate WhatsApp with Slack

Send and receive WhatsApp messages without leaving Slack. Monitor conversations easily and centralize your WhatsApp chats in Slack.

Connect your existing number running on WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp BusinessWhatsApp
WhatsApp natively connected to Slack

Your WhatsApp chats in Slack

2Chat feature
Simple and effective

1-click install and configuration

Install the integration into your Slack workspace with 1 click, then configure the channel you want your conversations to appear, and you are ready to go ✨.

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Natively integrated

Get new chats in Slack

Receive your customer's messages on Slack with all the contextual information you need to handle conversations without having to leave the app.

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2Chat feature
2Chat feature
Organized in threads

Use Slack threads to reply

We post incoming messages inside the conversation thread and each reply you make in that thread is forwarded to your customer.

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Are you ready to close more deals using WhatsApp?

Unlock new levels of productivity in your Customer Support, Sales & Marketing channels while making your WhatsApp work on autopilot