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WhatsApp Bulk Messaging

Use direct messaging with highly customizable dynamic content that feels personal and is highly effective. Discover the best way to reach your customers effectively.

Always make sure you are complying with WhatsApp's Terms of Service.

You can start sending messages with your existing number running on WhatsaApp or WhatsApp Business

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The easiest way to create outbound messaging campaigns

Campaign Creator

2Chat feature
Dynamic Text and Multimedia

Send personalized messages

Create dynamic messages based on variables and add a personal touch to your outbound campaigns with multimedia attachments and our high configurability.

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How fast or how slow

Control the Speed

Set specific values for speed by the second, minute, hour, or day. Fine-tune it to your needs and prevent bans on your number.

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2Chat feature
2Chat feature
What's the best time?

Specify the best time window to send your messages

Did you notice your messages get more replies at certain times? You can configure ranges in 2Chat to best take advantage of these discoveries.

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Unlock new levels of productivity in your Customer Support, Sales & Marketing channels while making your WhatsApp work on autopilot